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Prof. Dr. phil. Maria Khayutina

Maria Khayutina

Interim professor of Sinology

Prof. Dr. Max Oidtmann

Max Oidtmann 歐麥高

Chair of Chinese and Central Asian History

Room: 102

Prof. Dr. Armin Selbitschka

Armin Selbitschka

Chair of Ancient Chinese History and Archaeology

Room: 111

Prof. Dr. Hans van Ess

Hans van Ess

Chair of Sinology (including Mongolian studies)

Emeriti and associates

Prof. Dr. Thomas O. Höllmann

Thomas O. Höllmann

Chair Emeritus of Sinologie (including Chinese Art and Archaeology) as well as Ethnology

Prof. Dr. Roderich Ptak

Roderich Ptak

Chair Emeritus of Sinology

Project staff

Research associates

Jiehua Cai

Senior assistant professor

Dr. Annie Chan

Annie Chan

Assistant professor

Room: 001

Jiayu Li, M.A.

Jiayu Li

Research associate

Clara Luhn

Assistant professor

Visiting scholars


Yu-Ling Lin

Lector for Chinese

Room: 105

Dr. phil. Yang Sheng

Yang Sheng

Lector for Chinese

Room: 105

Adjunct professors and freelance lecturers

Limin Huan

Adjunct professor

Yun-Suk Kim

Freelance lecturer

Student assistants

Lena Müller

Student assistant

Sarah Proksch

Student assistant

Ariane Ruß

Student assistant

Coordination (VIU, i.a.)


Sandra Sucrow

Academic counseling for the BA Head of office of the Department of Asian Studies